22 September 2023

Landis+Gyr To Launch Smart Water Meter And Showcase Latest Grid Edge And EV Charging Solutions At Enlit Europe


The Company will highlight its new portfolio of recyclable smart ultrasonic water meters, applications, and hardware for e-mobility and solutions aimed at maintaining resilience and decarbonizing the grid.

CHAM – Showcasing its expanded portfolio in Smart Metering, Grid Edge Intelligence, and Smart Infrastructure, Landis+Gyr (SIX: LAND) will exhibit the latest hardware and software solutions for electricity, heat, gas, and water metering. In addition, the company introduces stations and tools for energy-efficient EV charging.

The company launches its latest addition of ultrasonic smart water meters, W270 and W370, based on IoT technologies. In line with the Landis+Gyr Green Design principles, the new portfolio is 100% recyclable after its extensive lifetime of more than 15 years. In order to deliver valuable information for smart water networks, the meter provides not only data in terms of volume, but also additional information like water temperatures, statistical values, alarms, and events. Equipped with modern IoT communication like NB-IoT, the meter is fully integrated into the latest generation communication networks, enabling remote control.

In addition, Landis+Gyr showcases its interactive electric vehicle charging line, INCH Pro and INCH Duo which enable the best user experience and reduce operating costs, dynamically balancing charging power for more energy-efficient charging. Accepting digital signals through the power lines and frequency monitoring makes INCH chargers capable of autonomously responding to grid conditions – managing the charging power and impact on the electric grid. Furthermore, the OCEAN software, a scalable and remote EV charge point and energy management software, performs advanced load management tasks to support demand response and load flexibility services.

Since the launch of Gridstream® Connect, its secure and scalable IoT platform in 2019, Landis+Gyr has been upgrading its suite of smart meters with new variants for residential, industrial, and grid measurement needs. Having launched two variants of the E360 residential meters and the second generation of the E660 industrial meter earlier in 2022, Landis+Gyr will round off the year with the launch of the E860 grid meter and the power quality cloud SaaS solution for grid edge intelligence. With ten times the accuracy and speed of modern meters and extensible modular architecture, the new generation of IoT-ready smart meters by Landis+Gyr offers advanced grid edge intelligence to support DSOs in maintaining a safe, reliable and efficient grid.

“Managing energy consumption with more efficiency has never been more crucial than today”, said Werner Lieberherr, Chief Executive Officer of Landis+Gyr. “If the current energy crisis and the urgent need for global decarbonization have taught us one thing, it’s that resources are finite and having the insights and tools to shape the way they’re used is key.” Bodo Zeug, Executive Vice President of EMEA at Landis+Gyr added: “Utilities require fast, reliable, and secure data transmission. We’re excited to showcase our abilities to collect, monitor, and process data at the grid edge at Enlit Europe, providing solutions to balance the load and ensure continued power quality and reliability.”

During the conference, Landis+Gyr leaders and experts will host sessions about the role of the future grid and the EV disruption:

  • Interview with Werner Lieberherr, CEO of Landis+Gyr
    Summit: Interview, November 29, 16:40 – 16:55, Afternoon Session, Connect Studio (Hall 11.1)
  • “How to ensure grid resilience in the new energy era” by Ifigeneia Stefanidou, Head of Grid Edge Product Management at Landis+Gyr
    Grid Edge technologies: Utilities at work, November 30, 11:15 – 11:30, Digitalization Hub 4 (Hall 12.0)
  • “EV disruption for more efficient, safer and cleaner grid” by Rok Kobal, Head of Hardware Sales at Etrel – a Landis+Gyr company
    Decentralization | EV for the Grid, November 30, 15:30 – 15:45, Decentralization Hub 1 (Hall 12.0)

To learn more about Landis+Gyr’s energy management portfolio, join us at Enlit Europe in Frankfurt from November 29th to December 1st in Hall 12.1, Booth D40, or visit www.landisgyr.eu/enlit-Europe-2022 for more information.

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